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This game serves as a reminder that we need to take care about each other. Dev, if you ever see this, I hope you're doing better.

I love the art style! I also liked how it contrasted with the narrative.


I've been feeling very down lately and I really appreciate this game. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I wasn't expecting this. It makes me very eased that I'm able to project myself onto the feelings expressed in the game. I've been struggling, but this game oddly makes me feel much better, and a little more hopeful. Thank you

u really took me on a relatable walk and to be honest sometimes its alright to feel bad, its a phase that needs to be there, emotions that we need to make us stronger in the end. Its all okay if u take a deep breath and see what the world around u is behind of all the routines and responsibilities. Like the walk everyone needs to escape sometimes :>

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Thank you for making this game. I also go through similar thoughts, especially through a lot of recent events, and this kind of helped me out. I hope you'll enjoy this playthrough I did. Hope you're feeling better nowadays!


Thank you for the lovely video, just watched it now <3 glad to hear the game resonated with you!


loved the vid :3


Relatable story - getting older is starting to feel like this but as you said, just gotta accept what you got and keep going :)


looks cute but its pretty sad, kinda how i feel but i dont go on walks but i should

Wonderful little game. Hope you are ok and having a nice day.

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cool game. idea make a game where u have your plant and flower disine.

I really liked that! The atmosphere was lovely, and the text gave it a really bittersweet vibe. I can relate to most of what was being said as well, so it definately hit a little close to home, but in a nice way. The artstyle was outstanding, and the colors fit so nicely together!! I hope you're doing alright, as well

Depressing game with a nice ambience...

I guess I will never see everything in life 

the game was really raw, and i mean in a deeply vulnerable way. at least that's how I would feel writing something like this, and it was pretty brave

this was so soothing!! the artstyle of it was lovely, thank you for making this :D

You'll find your way in life eventually, but until then; keep doing whatever you believe in. Great game.

Love the art style in this game

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makes me want to go out again


The one thing that I noticed when i start the game is the color combination of the game. it was so SOOTHING. plus the sound of the game and the atmosphere... as I'm playing the game it kinda reminded of Japan. This one is a really nice game.

p,s game starts at 0:30

simple and lovely : )

I can't open the game, it appears me ''Eliminated'' each time i try to open once it finished downloading :(

what a wonderful game! really powerful and simple.


I loved the game! The graphics, colors and music made me feel really relaxed. This game is really beautiful and insightful. I hope you're doing well out there!

This was exactly what I needed. The story was told in a beautiful, thoughtful, and vulnerable way. Incredibly unique.

Please buy this game.


This was indeed something insightful, and I honestly wasn't expecting such palpable emotion in such a simple game, I guess I really needed it.

I loved the aesthetics, the style, really good work, really good indeed.

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Sorry but getting stopped by barriers every 3 seconds isn't really my thing.

When I start the game, the Unity logo shows on a pink background, then fades away, but the game stays on the pink background.

Loved it!


Love the style of this; very impressed! Great job :)

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This was a very pretty game and very well made and I hope that you are in better times now and that you found a way to make yourself happy. I happened to use the game in the video if it's ok. Good Luck Your Way!

I love this game! I hope you are feeling better but I just wanted to let you know that your game helped me meditate and organize my thoughts today a bit. It was relaxing :)


I don't know if being able to relate to this game is good or bad, but...

It really encapsulates the way that I tend to feel more often that I'd like to admit. I guess it's just good to have proof that you're not alone in the way you feel.

What stuck out to me was the on line about accepting the way that things are, but knowing that they will get better. It's easy to fall into a pit, thinking there's no way out, but there always is. You just have to wait for it.

The visuals & sounds are excellent. The mood is exactly right, and reminds me that it really is a good idea to just go outside every once in a while.

I hope things get better for you and anyone else struggling right now. And remember to go for a walk when the weather's nice.

Such a sweet game and a delightful little journey. I hope everything is going at least a bit better for you now ♥️

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Thanks so much for the nice thoughtful play, really enjoyed your video! <3

To answer your question at the end, I've been taking it a lot more easy since making this which has helped hehe. Hope you're also taking care!

It was a lovely game I love your art style :) also I hope you're feeling a bit happier now everything will go back to normal one day <3


Thank you for the video!! It was funny and cute hehe. Glad you liked it <3

We'll be Ok, Things will get better by time!!

the game was delightful! things will get better by time!!

This was a nice game and I enjoyed it. Your art was so colorful and cute. I hope that you will feel better soon and take good care of yourself.

Thank you for the nice lil video, glad you enjoyed it! :)

thank u for making this game esp in times like this where people can't go out due to the pandemic. im a person who likes going out whether its with my friends or by myself, and playing a game like this cure my sadness so thank u :'>

p.s sorry for my english, its not my first language :<

Your English is great! Thank you so much for playing <3

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