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Take a short walk and try to gather your thoughts

Just a lil game I made to try and express some feelings I've had over the last few months. Mild content warning - there's text in the game that alludes to depression so keep that in mind!



WASD + mouse to move/look around

Left mouse button to close text (it opens automatically)

ESC to quit



Art/programming/most things = me

SFX:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Made with Unity + First Person AIO Pack + Yarn Spinner 💗


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Terracotta (PC).zip 60 MB


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A beautiful short game! The art style is lovely, with the real and imagined melding together seamlessly and it feels like a complete world with a lot of secrets to find. I do wish the text sound was either a little softer or less harsh as it does take you out of the wonderful ambience a little bit.

But on the other hand it helps draw the player's attention to the story. And while you apologised for not feeling insightful, just knowing other people are feeling the same way I have been is really validating. 

The real strength of this game, to me, is how it uses implicit indicators in visuals and levels design to guide you through the space. It lets you know when there's things nearby to find, but doesn't rail-road you, even if the game is theoretically linear. 

this game was not what i was expecting at all...and it describes my current situation to a T. i'm so glad that i played this and it was so comforting. ♡♡♡

I absolutely loved this.. it was a very touching calming game to escape to whenever you need to. <3

I was able to relate the whole time, the visuals and sounds were so soothing and comforting ^^

I was supposed to be walking in the game but I kept getting the urge to climb over walls. The random basketball was nice to kick around during the walk until it rolled away into the distance ;v;

I just have a lot of energy rn but the visuals were really beautiful and the text made me think. It'll be relaxing to replay it later 

I had this downloaded for a while now but decided to give it a shot today because I was feeling really down. I really liked the ambient sound and being able to walk around and see the thoughts go up on screen. The colors and the background really feel nostalgic and safe. Ever since the pandemic hit, I've been also taking a lot of walks around my own neighbor hood, and I really relate to the feeling of "Why am I doing this? Where am I headed?" that's present in the game. I hope that since the time you've released this, you've been able to answer your questions, or at least taken a break and gotten some rest.

It was a really really touching game and made me rant about my past on stream...~ Good Job with catching flying thoughts and every little detail was really cute and well done.
Shows people a new view on depression and how walks can really be an outlet if you pressure yourself into too much work.

Keep being awesome!



Plumed basilisk!

I love this game its, so nice, so relaxing and so touching.


To the ppl who are asking for other versions :

No there will not be other versions unless the creator creates one so just wait until the creator does ^^


Everyone will see a beautiful alusion to depression, tho I can also see a hidden meaning in this game, especially in the parts of the text talking about work. As an indie dev, we tend to work a lot without even knowing if this is worth it, without even a boss to tell us to do so. Is "go to work" a rule to follow? Who said you need a work to be happy in life? Guess it's time for me to slow down the pace.

Also, loved the plants growing in the car.


That was 100% what was going through my mind, thank you so much for the nice words and for playing <3

did this game make my life better ? Yes, yes it is , plus: dont be sad <3

I loved loved loved the design of this game! Really cohesive art, really unique idea!


This game was amazing and beautiful. Loved the art style, loved the text. I love taking walks to just think as well so I connected to the game quite a lot. Great job!

Your game is in this list. You can find my review down in the description.

Good Job! Keep Up The Good Work!


This was very visually beautiful, as a person with depression, it was surprisingly helpful. It may sound kind of screwed up, but knowing I'm not the only one helps make it a bit easier. I hope you are able to improve soon. My family says I am, but I'm not quite sure. Just keep doing what you enjoy! That's what has helped me the most. :)


Linux version please ^_^


Remember to drink water and eat. I love you. Don't forget that, please. Please remember that I love you.. please remember it for me. Promise me to keep strong. Please promise me. Do you promise?
I love you.


i wanted to record my playthrough of Terracotta for YouTube, unfortunately it always crashed when i reached the point where you enter the "cat building" after crossing a road.

Any chance that there is a fix to this?


The game isn't crashing, that's the end of the game and it closes automatically when you enter the building!


oooh, that makes more sense. :D

appreciate your work!


Thank you so much!! =)

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I'm not usually very good at analyzing things, but all I can say is the text does sound like it's alluding to depression. Along with few other things...

The environment is quite nice, but the game is a bit confusing - the only time the invisible wall goes away is when the character starts talking and I still don't know what triggers it.

The environment throughout the game play is quite calm, but contradicts the character's emotions. It takes me back to when I was young because I use to have depression or think I had that.

There are a few things I didn't like: how confusing the game is- as I mentioned above- and the length of the game.- it was quite short

Yeah, that's all.

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Hi, I think your game was featured in a list somewhere. I tried it just a moment ago and while it's obviously a rushed project and I'm not a fan of invisible walls, but there is something about this game... I can't express it in words. I don't think anyone can without sounding ostentatious. The commentary is nice, I enjoyed reading the developer's feelings and thoughts, some of which I easily related to. But this teeny tiny world that you've built is eyeful. It just feels like what I remember my childhood to be. This just feels very personal, like I'm reading your diary and realizing that we go through similar things. I could go on and on, but well done. Great work.

i just wanted to tell you that this game is awesome and its like the game has a special bond with the player 

I caught the feels on this

This game serves as a reminder that we need to take care about each other. Dev, if you ever see this, I hope you're doing better.

I love the art style! I also liked how it contrasted with the narrative.


I've been feeling very down lately and I really appreciate this game. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I wasn't expecting this. It makes me very eased that I'm able to project myself onto the feelings expressed in the game. I've been struggling, but this game oddly makes me feel much better, and a little more hopeful. Thank you

u really took me on a relatable walk and to be honest sometimes its alright to feel bad, its a phase that needs to be there, emotions that we need to make us stronger in the end. Its all okay if u take a deep breath and see what the world around u is behind of all the routines and responsibilities. Like the walk everyone needs to escape sometimes :>

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Thank you for making this game. I also go through similar thoughts, especially through a lot of recent events, and this kind of helped me out. I hope you'll enjoy this playthrough I did. Hope you're feeling better nowadays!


Thank you for the lovely video, just watched it now <3 glad to hear the game resonated with you!


loved the vid :3


Relatable story - getting older is starting to feel like this but as you said, just gotta accept what you got and keep going :)


Cool style. Wish I could make a game like this


looks cute but its pretty sad, kinda how i feel but i dont go on walks but i should

Wonderful little game. Hope you are ok and having a nice day.

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cool game. idea make a game where u have your plant and flower disine.

I really liked that! The atmosphere was lovely, and the text gave it a really bittersweet vibe. I can relate to most of what was being said as well, so it definately hit a little close to home, but in a nice way. The artstyle was outstanding, and the colors fit so nicely together!! I hope you're doing alright, as well

Depressing game with a nice ambience...

I guess I will never see everything in life 

the game was really raw, and i mean in a deeply vulnerable way. at least that's how I would feel writing something like this, and it was pretty brave

this was so soothing!! the artstyle of it was lovely, thank you for making this :D

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