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a w e s o m e   style, really cool graphics!


Hello Olivia,

This was a delightful short game, I'll admit that I myself am feeling something similar as you too. Like you said, its hard to unpack things as they are happening, but your reminder that a walk always helps remind us about the good things was timely for me too. Very lovely creation, and I hope things do great better as you are walking :)


Thank you for playing! I hope things get better for you too <3

This game was a nice breather for me. loved the colors really made me calm.

Just watched this, thank you so much for playing! Glad it was a nice experience for you


Ow. It was good! I hope things get better soon <3


this actually made me quite happy, it felt like taking a walk and catching up with someone. I loved looking around for little details in the enviornment too. It's a lovely setting. 

Absolutely (─‿‿─)

The game is absolute delight to play and the flat style shading looks so aesthetically pleasing! Can you please tell how you achieved this flat style shading in unity, thank you!!!

It was a great experience. I like the color and feel of the game. Thank you Olivia for this Refreshing game. Here is a short video I made I hope you like it
sorry about my bad English and nervousness.😅

Thank you so much for the nice video and kind words! Glad you enjoyed it :)

I liked the color palette. I've had a lot of the same thoughts lately. Thank you for the game!


It's calming yet deep :)

Absolutely Amazing.

It ended unexpectedly but it still tells a deep story.

I hope things do get better for you. c:

For me the game was kinda creepy for some reason, but the game was good!

This exactly the kind of short, deep and beautiful games I love. Thank you! (5/5 stars)

This game is incredibly calm, I enjoy it :)


This looks very pretty, Im excited to take a walk!


This was very honest and cool!


Thank you for making such a beautiful game, it made me cry but it also made me appreciate more the simple details of life, hugs to you.


I'm sorry I made you cry ;.; but also, thank you! <3


Perfect little experience wrapped in this beautifully, colorful piece of art.. Sometimes the best way to deal with energy is to create and you have done a wonderful job expressing yourself, while echoing the thoughts and feelings of many in these strange times. You are not alone and this will all be behind us soon enough. Stay positive everyone!


This reminded me of Morioh's ghost girl alley

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would love to see this on linux :D

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Or Mac os :D


Thanks! I'm not sure about a Linux version as I have no way of being able to test it currently. There was a Mac version but there was a problem with it that I'm trying to fix. Thanks for understanding 🙇‍♀️

an amazing game ! its so adorable, but sheds light on an important subject. beautifully done ! it manages to make you feel at peace. thank you for creating!

a lovely little walk in the alleyways! thanks for sharing

Really enjoyed this game, wonderful world design and atmosphere. The cat was so cute (and a tad spooky, but mainly cute haha)!



Great game. Made me go for a walk irl :D


Beautifully wistful. Such a strong aesthetic, was happy for every corner u put together :D

thank you so much!


Amazing! I really love the aesthetic

thanks a lot! <3


It was a really peaceful experience! Loved the art style and aesthetic. I made a video with my experiences. Stay safe and stay positive, we’re gonna get through this! :) 

Thanks so much for the lovely video, I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I'm flattered by the yume nikki comparison :) (also you pronounced my name correctly, don't worry! hehe)

woo, thanks for the walk

you're welcome!

This game is beauty great job 

thank you so much!

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