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absolutely adorable

play with me uwu

would be more fun if I had people to play this with ;-;

Pool Party is short, cute, and easy to pick up. It may be meant for two players, but I still had fun controlling both characters myself. And I like how, despite it being a game made quickly for a Game Jam, the extra bit of flair was added to have different pool floats spawn each time. 

Good job, dev.

aww thank you so much for playing!! <3

Awesome game! Absolutley love it! Adorable! Thank you for creating this, Olivia!

Thank you so much for playing!!!

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Looks super cute! Can you make a Linux build as well (32bit+64bit/universal)? :)

Hey mate, I sure can! I'll do it when I get home from work and let you know when it's up =)

Haha charming game. Loved it!

Aww thank you so much!