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Drive Me To The Moon is a tiny open world driving game 🌠 cruise around town blissfully aimless with your lover

Arrow keys/WASD to control, R to reset

Music was made by @markeryjane aka Mario from Froach Club!

This game was commissioned by Bar SK for the 2019 Series. Please contact them if you’d like to display/install this work in public: info@barsk.com.au


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
AuthorOlivia Haines
Tags3D, Cute, Driving


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I loved it <3 We went for a nice drive <3

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Really enjoyed playing this, enjoy the cutesy atmosphere.


Great game! Super cute, i just wish the backing up button was faster, i thought it didn't work because it took so long for the car to move when i pressed S

lovely.  made me feel calm and happy.  great job, simple game with great depth of character

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you so much!


Hi Olivia, I downloaded the Mac version but couldn't open the App. Could you please check what's wrong? Thanks!


i know this was yr ago but i had to install the itch app onto my mac and then download the game 

you're a genius i was stuck for a good 30 minutes trying to figure out why i wasn't able to run the game. worth the install

u have to convert the format of the file from plain text to unix executable

very cute game, but the controls are so awful, i can't even get out of the house because there's no back button.

if you mean reverse, the reverse button is just 's' or the down facing arrow key. It takes a moment before the car moves

Love the pastel color scheme! Very cute game.


A nice lesbian game. I made a video on it. 


Thank you!

You're welcome. Hope you checked the video out.

i wish I could back up. Is that something you could add in? I keep getting stuck.  Also I wish I could spend more time out in the void, as long as I want before Im whisked back to the start. 


This game is an exquisite candy.


This is absolutely delightful !

I agree.


so cute, i love the style + color choices!


Thank you so much!

Hi there! I took a look at this game in the second part of a short compilation. The aesthetic was pretty nice for a small jam game. I had some issues with the controls, but nothing major. I have to give props to the music, which was probably my favorite aspect of it all. Great tunes, keep it up!
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I had a similar experience getting stuck and having difficultly with the controls. It's sad because the concept, aesthetic, music, and color palatte are soo lovely. I love everything about the game except actually playing it :(

From the pic shown it looks like it was developed for specific hardware tho... I wish I could play it like that! I bet it's really smooth


Thank you soo much for including my game in your video, it was super lovely!

I'm going to look into getting the controls to feel a bit better since I think a few people have had issues with them. But thanks again!

Hi! I've worked with unity's wheel collider in the past, so I've learned a few things:

  • Set the car's physics material to zero or very low friction. (make sure the friction combine is multiply and not minimum, because that doesn't work for some reason.)
  • increase the side to side grip a little bit. The front tires are slipping when trying to turn at speed.
  • reduce the turn strength when at high speeds. it's possible to manually accomplish on a controller, but not easily on a keyboard. turning the full amount at speed makes the tires slip and lose traction.

I wish I could play this forever


Very pretty


Does anyone know how to get on to the game


Very cute!

Lots of pink.