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Drive Me To The Moon is a tiny open world driving game 🌠 cruise around town blissfully aimless with your lover

Arrow keys/WASD to control, R to reset

Music was made by @markeryjane aka Mario from Froach Club!

This game was commissioned by Bar SK for the 2019 Series. Please contact them if you’d like to display/install this work in public: info@barsk.com.au



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DriveMeToTheMoon_Win.zip 26 MB
DriveMeToTheMoon_Mac.zip 26 MB
DriveMeToTheMoon_Linux.zip 26 MB


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very cute game, but the controls are so awful, i can't even get out of the house because there's no back button.

Love the pastel color scheme! Very cute game.


A nice lesbian game. I made a video on it. 


Thank you!

You're welcome. Hope you checked the video out.

i wish I could back up. Is that something you could add in? I keep getting stuck.  Also I wish I could spend more time out in the void, as long as I want before Im whisked back to the start. 


This game is an exquisite candy.


This is absolutely delightful !

I agree.


so cute, i love the style + color choices!


Thank you so much!

Hi there! I took a look at this game in the second part of a short compilation. The aesthetic was pretty nice for a small jam game. I had some issues with the controls, but nothing major. I have to give props to the music, which was probably my favorite aspect of it all. Great tunes, keep it up!
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I had a similar experience getting stuck and having difficultly with the controls. It's sad because the concept, aesthetic, music, and color palatte are soo lovely. I love everything about the game except actually playing it :(

From the pic shown it looks like it was developed for specific hardware tho... I wish I could play it like that! I bet it's really smooth


Thank you soo much for including my game in your video, it was super lovely!

I'm going to look into getting the controls to feel a bit better since I think a few people have had issues with them. But thanks again!

Hi! I've worked with unity's wheel collider in the past, so I've learned a few things:

  • Set the car's physics material to zero or very low friction. (make sure the friction combine is multiply and not minimum, because that doesn't work for some reason.)
  • increase the side to side grip a little bit. The front tires are slipping when trying to turn at speed.
  • reduce the turn strength when at high speeds. it's possible to manually accomplish on a controller, but not easily on a keyboard. turning the full amount at speed makes the tires slip and lose traction.

I wish I could play this forever


Very pretty


Does anyone know how to get on to the game


Very cute!

Lots of pink.



As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!