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fun fact, the sims was gonna be called "dollhouse" but EA thought it was too feminine and back then girls didnt play video games, oh how the times have changed lol. the name drew me to this game, and it looks right up my alley. i cant wait to get into it, sometimes you just wanna put the minecraft down and play dolls again, and this looks like a good place to do it.


Wowee I did not know that! Thanks for the lovely comment, hope you enjoy it :)


i love this game with my whole heart


This is so fucking precious.


So adorable and pastellyyyy. I love. ;w;


i just wanna say that it is absolutely cute


The game is so adorable! I love it so much!

Cool game, really cute that's for sure! the music reminds me of the of Mii creation center on Wii, keep it up Olivia! 

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thank you for playing~ I'll check it out! =)


adorable! great music and I love the aesthetics but also how the game moves from room to room. Great job!

aww thank you!


Looks great, I've added you to the fresh games section on the homepage!


thank you leaf!!!