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🌸Dollhouse is the latest toy playset from Olivia (me). Full of fun, exciting features and accessories, all you need is imagination to turn this house into a dream home!🎀

  • 3 stories, 5 rooms
  • For all ages
  • No assembly required
  • Made with polyester and plastic (and unity)
  • Requires only a mouse and left-click to play
  • Automatically resets after 1 minute (R also resets)

🎶 Dollhouse music by Captain Beard!

This game was originally made for the Arty After Party - hosted by Hovergarden + Bar SK + PlayReactive + Inward Goods (thank you again friends 💗)

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(57 total ratings)
AuthorOlivia Haines
Tags3D, Cute, Unity


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the creativity and experience is fun! i love it! <3 its very cute

Really cute and fun ! As someone with childhood traumas who had to stop playing with toys very early, it's nice to have free ways to relive a bit of childhood innocence. I like to have it open in the background when I do something else, and sometimes pause to play with it to calm down. I would love a version where we can decorate the house ourselves ! I remember assembling a tidy house was the part I enjoyed the most when playing with dolls as a kid. Of course I understand how difficult it might be to create, that's just a suggestion I'm throwing in in case it can be helpful, and I already appreciate this game very much ! <3

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this game brings me so much peace and calm when im upset thank you for making and sharing this <3

Aww that's so nice to hear thank you so much <3

Not gonna lie, I'm suprised that it isn't laggy or anything :0

Very cute as well! ^^

so cute



I have always wanted a dollhouse game, like unironically. I think this has a lot of potential with such a cute artstyle. The fact that you can pick up some of the items is nice. It would be nice if we could actually assemble the dollhouse ourselves and have placable figures that interact with the objects instead of just the little robot flying around. 


i dont want it to reset :

e so clicar no icone do windows e encerrar tarefa

beautiful game luv 


so calming but a lil boring? whats the point? when i pick up things they fall into the void and dont comeback unless i reset my game um you cant click on many thigs and idk what to do in the game.. its super cute and i cant stop playing it~! hope for a reply sorry for the complaining 

yours truely,



its boring but you cant stop playing it... Im confused lol??

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THIS IS AMAZING! But one thing,It needs...PEOPLE!

idk if there are but i still luv it!

10/10 will recommend!!


Thank you so much :)

this looks so adorable and cute ! love the aesthetics !

ikr :o


I saw the name and just remember Melanie Martinez's song, I'll download and play cause DollHouse is good


i loved her music back in the day hehe thank you!!

Deleted 23 days ago

Hey I'm really sorry, I don't own a Mac so I can't test it, so I've removed the download for now :(
I'll have a look into fixing it but as the game is quite old I'm not sure if the project will still work, so no promises but I'll try!


this platform is so cute and relaxing! >w< 


Gotta love this. So relaxing and fun looking around and clicking just about everywhere. ^^


Love this its soo cute i never was even into dollhouses


My computer won't open it :;(  I hope I can fix this problem, because this game looks right up my alley!! <3

HI! This helped me alot!! I'm not sure if its the soloution you were looking for but i hope this helps! <3
Deleted 23 days ago
Deleted 23 days ago
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This is veryyy Cutee i love it!


I never was a girly girl, that liked dollhouses and dolls.

But this is the most KAWAII AND CUTEST dollhouse ever!

I wish there could be more things, like minigames.


the aesthetic is soooo cute, everything is on point

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i kinda wish this was an online game where u could make ur av and chat with people, explore the world and buy clothes 


I totally wanna make that now tbh



hi um, if there like a quit/x button in the game? im scared if its full screen, please reply if you have time.

You can press the ESC key! It should also give you the option to play in a window at the start, instead of full screen


you can also press the windows button


i dont know what to do. i only click and can only interact with the furnitures. i dont see any dolls

hola quisiera saber si vas a agregar personajes como muñecas para poder jugar.

o dime si soy yo y si los agregaste 

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for me the best thing about dollhouses games is little characters that can interact in it like gacha club or toca boca but ive always wanted to be able to interact more with furniture in the rooms too. I do have a real (super old) large wooden barbie house but i lost all the furniture and clothes (still dont know how i lost a giant deep pink case for doll clothes when nothing else i ever get is pink) and buying furniture and an outfit or two usialy takes all of my alowance! i love the art and rearanging furniture or looking at/working on art helps with the anxiaty from autisum and the pastels and light colors are realy relaxing!

edit: sorry for rambleing! i tend to go on and on when im exited about somthing! what i meant to say is your game is great <3


That's a shame about losing the barbie furniture and clothes! I hope they magically turn up one day :) please don't apologise, your comment is lovely! thank you so much for the kind words and for playing <3

Your welcome! i moved a bit after i lost it so its probably gone but im trying to get more stuff


fun fact, the sims was gonna be called "dollhouse" but EA thought it was too feminine and back then girls didnt play video games, oh how the times have changed lol. the name drew me to this game, and it looks right up my alley. i cant wait to get into it, sometimes you just wanna put the minecraft down and play dolls again, and this looks like a good place to do it.


Wowee I did not know that! Thanks for the lovely comment, hope you enjoy it :)


i love this game with my whole heart


This is so fucking precious.


So adorable and pastellyyyy. I love. ;w;



i just wanna say that it is absolutely cute


The game is so adorable! I love it so much!

Cool game, really cute that's for sure! the music reminds me of the of Mii creation center on Wii, keep it up Olivia! 

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thank you for playing~ I'll check it out! =)


adorable! great music and I love the aesthetics but also how the game moves from room to room. Great job!

aww thank you!


Looks great, I've added you to the fresh games section on the itch.io homepage!


thank you leaf!!!