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So beautiful

I'd like if it will became some kind of life simulator  (like A.C. or if you have an idea for different gameplay it's ok) or a running game against little pet or  someting else nice related with the little cute animal I've seen.  Awesome grafic, but  the color are a little bit to similar to each other and I do n't see the caracter well, it kind of merge to the surrounding.  I'll keep an eye on this game because I liked the world you created. Please keep up with this good work.

A beautiful vista.

I really like the place you've created, and the aesthetic is beautiful. I just wish there was something to do. It was cool, but it's easy to see everything the game has to offer is about 30 seconds. Again, visually stunning. If you were able to go inside more than just the starting building, that would be a really cool addition! I hope I get to see more games with this visual style in the future!

Hey thank you very much for the critique! This is something I'm trying to work on, so hopefully I'll make games in the future that are more appealing :) thanks for playing!