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Very nice game! As soon as I got to the room with the drawings in it, I at once though 'oh! this park is actually in someone's mind!' I think the little drawings really tied that up. :) Also, chasing ghosts and other ghostly creatures was rather fun!

Controls on a keyboard were a bit rough and the character was slow moving/turning, and I ran into a couple of invisible walls which I'm fairly sure weren't supposed to be there since I could walk around them and they were within the safe part of the park. But it didn't really bother me. :)

It amused me that the trees turned to accommodate you as you walk past. That was a nice touch. Made it feel dreamlike.

I wish this were VR. Quite.

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So i gave your game a go and really enjoyed it. 

heres my video on it-

I really love your game and I also did a little 'Let's Play' video of it on my channel with a link to this game. Well done in crafting a beautiful game.


Aww, thank you so much for playing!! <3


Lovely experience!

I really like the graphics. It looks like a chalk pastel piece of art. The little cabin with the art in it made me think of a child trying to escape from a bad situation in life. The art there seemed more sad to me. But I really enjoyed what you did with this! I hope to see more sometime :)

Thank you very much, Bellannmae! My original thoughts on this game was wanting to make a game about social isolation and anxiety in childhood- where the playground is where things are "safe" and comfortable but venturing from that place makes the world seem scarier. I think this idea got a bit lost in the development process but I'm enjoying hearing people's reactions and thoughts on it. Thank you for playing! :)

Cute and aesthetically pleasing game. Reminded me a lot of Alice in Wonderland! Keep it up! x

Thank you so much dear, really appreciate it! =)

Fun game!!!! Soundtrack is amazing!! So atmospheric I love it!!!!! BBBB) (btw the ghost and the pic of the ghost at the table scared me ahaha good JOB)

Thanks man!!! Glad my spo0o0oky ghosts got u hahahah

I know I probably didn't get everything in this gameplay, but I didn't exactly know what I was getting myself into!



OMG this video made my day!! Thank you so much for saying such nice things about my game and enjoying the experience! I'm gonna share this with everyone hehe
I definitely want to make a VR game soon heheh