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i usually don't play these types of exploration games but i just spent like a whole 10 minutes running around in this's so dream-like and calming :) <3

This is soooo cute and sweet!

My first favorite discovery is the cute swirly snail!  I am curious to know if it is moving to anywhere in particular?  (Since I saw that it is moving by a veeeerrrry tiny amount as I watched, lol!)

And then, I liked seeing the floating butterfly at the back of the hose, which I thought was a mysterious emblem of some sort until I made more sense of its shape. c:

The colours & feel of the garden are lovely. The surprise at the top of the tree was nice and just right for the purpose of the game, I like how you saw the sign after you'd entered the inviting space.

Aww that's really sweet, thank you so much for playing!! :)


I knew it! While I was walking, I kept thinking, "I know this music..." Now I know it was from My Neighbor Totoro. Such fitting music.

I really loved the graphics. Very beautiful and relaxing. I loved the little Remember to take care of yourself poster in the little bedroom. Nice work :)

Awww, thank you so much for the lovely comment! I knew I wanted to choose some light-hearted, childish music and thought something from My Neighbour Totoro would be perfect :3

Thanks for playing! <3