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a charming little world to explore! it's not exactly nostalgic for me, but I appreciate the attention to detail in making such a specific atmosphere. the music and sound effects really bring it all together, too

thank you so much!

amazingly cute and fun explorative game!!

this makes me so happy :)

Bro, at first I was like "Hey, this is just like that one dream I had."


LMAO. Cool game...? IDK what to do except walk and jump and press 'E' which gives her a slight seizure.

UAAAAGGHGHGHGHGH!!! THE NOSTALGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(woah 4 years comment)

Hi! My name is Faby Saturn, and I have played your game. I wanted to show you the let's play of it. :)

I trully adore the game itself, it bought me so many memories! Though, I wish there were more places to go, and more to see. :) Still! I love the game, very adorable; great work! 

-Faby Saturn

Hi Faby Saturn, thank you so much for playing my game and making a little video about it! Your let's play made me really happy; I love that you took the time to reflect on everything in it and talk about your childhood =) glad you liked the game and keep up the great work!!

You are very welcome, Ms. Haines! :D
I am so glad I made you happy, and I can't wait to see more games from you! I will definately play more of your games. (:

Thank you! and keep up the fantastic work! <3

-Faby Saturn 

Jumping is important for getting on the sofa.

This game is super cute and I get some nostalgia feels from it. The dancing action was a nice little addition. I feel like there wasn't any need for her to jump since I couldn't jump over anything. For example I got pushed outside the ledge at the start because of the gameboy advance. I couldn't jump back onto the platform so I was forced to exit the game and restart it. Most of the stuff in the game just made me wonder what it really was like for a girl growing up during that time. Like the whole Mac computer thing brought back nice memories like using kid pix. Thanks!

Ohh oops, sorry about that! I kinda rushed the last couple touches so I might have to patch it so that doesn't happen. Thank you for playing anyway and I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless!! :)

Don't spend anymore time on the game. Leave it as is. Make a new game or something. No problem!